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About my App

BY PURCHASING this APP, you will have taken a positive step in your recovery. I am a qualified yoga instructor and I wrote this programme whilst undergoing Chemotherapy and Radium therapy. It was pivotal in my recovery in the days following each treatment and during the healing process for the year that followed. Thank you for supporting my quest to take my yoga-healing message out into the world. It would be an act of kindness to pass this on to your family and friends, as everyone today knows someone who is suffering from cancer, an epidemic that we have learned to accept as a part of our lives.


Benefits of practicing yoga during cancer treatment and recovery.

Yoga is more than postures, it becomes a way of life.
Yoga in all its forms may assist you in staying positive, calm and connected.
It may assist you to connect to your true nature.
Bed yoga will allow your body to move following a chemotherapy treatment.
It will assist in calming the monkey mind.
It will assist in keeping you in the present moment.
It will assist you in dealing with day to day challenges.
You may be better equipped to deal with fear and anxiety.
It will light the way to your inner Peace.

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