Yoga means union. In essence, it is the connection and harmonising of every aspect of the body in such a way that dis-ease or dis-harmony is confronted with a defense that makes it impossible for the body to succumb. Yoga is more than postures, it is a way of life. Our daily life incorporates the Eight Limbs of Yoga: Behaviour, Life-style, Postures, Control of Life- force, Control of the Senses, Concentration, Meditation and Realisation.

Chemotherapy on the other hand, has the ability to confuse the mind. It is painful and debilitating in every aspect as you move forward towards your recovery. Although it is our necessary warrior in our fight for survival, it is also destructive at the same time. Yoga in all its forms can play an important role in assisting you to move through your treatment with a more positive attitude and therefore allow the drugs and your mind to heal your body. The mind plays a very important role in your healing journey. It is also important to not be too hard on yourself, to be kind to yourself and show yourself some compassion.

During and following the chemotherapy treatment, there is a level of tiredness, perhaps pain in the joints and muscles; perhaps some days you may experience exhaustion, total debilitation; and a feeling of not even wanting to get out of bed. You may experience sleepless nights, constipation, loss of appetite, bloating, sore mouth, the list seems endless. Then there are the okay days when you are able to go for a walk. Some days you may struggle to get breath into your lungs, there are days when your mind may be calm, other days you may experience a mind that will not be still, a monkey mind. How can you even contemplate being still or meditating with all of this stuff in your body and in your mind? Fear may be gripping at times.

Make each day a day to be grateful for the gift that you have, and that gift is life, that present moment. Work on your body and mind for strength and stability to achieve control and discipline, be positive and determined to be strong and well. Make adjustments to your lifestyle, and be ready and willing to accept life as it unfolds daily, moment-by-moment. This will surely bring you great rewards towards a healthy body and your restoration. Keep your diet light with warm and nurturing meals which are easy to digest. Avoid cold, rough, heavy, oily and dry foods which are difficult to digest. A medicinal dose of room temperature organic red wine once a week is a real treat! Manage your pain therefore by seeking out the few pleasures you can still enjoy. Surround yourself with nature and with those whom you love. Accept life for the way it is in the moment, this being your new normal, keeping it calm and free of fear, which is just the unknown. Continue to do as much as you used to do without causing you any pain, this will keep a positive mind free from disturbances. Live only for the present moment, live it fully and totally. Become best friends with your subconscious mind; if left unchecked, it may be your worst enemy. This is the practice of living in the present moment.

Keep you mind occupied at all times in either work, play, meditation or prayer. This will assist in bringing your mind to stillness and calm, the pathway to our True Nature, which is the purpose of our life. When possible, give of yourself to others as a form of karma yoga, the act of giving. When your day is consumed with others giving to you their thoughts, love and prayers or acts of kindness towards you, it may be possible for you to give back to them by remembering them in your prayers, if that is comfortable for you.

Allow yourself time to spend in nature, whether that be in your back garden or a walk in the local park, listening to the orchestra of birds singing, be amazed and grateful for the gift of their beauty and the joy of being able to hear them.

Use quiet time for visualization. Closing your eyes, imagine or visualize a beam of powerful White Light streaming down from the universe and cascading over you. Breathe it in and move the Light through every cell in your body, breathe out and allow all of the cancer, the pain and any negative thoughts to leave your body. Practice this for as long as it feels right for you.

Allow the White Light to penetrate through your skin and surround your body forming a healing cocoon of White Light and protection. Make this a regular daily practice to invite the powerful healing of your body through your mind.

I found these poses achievable during the first 12 months following surgery and throughout the chemotherapy and radium treatment.

Poses marked with a pink_ribbon1 are helpful in the immediate weeks following breast cancer surgery.

The following Yoga postures may be done on the bed or on a mat on the floor. It is not necessary to do the poses in this sequence, work with the ones that feel right for you on the day and in the moment. Remember to listen to your inner voice. Nurture your body with compassion. It’s important not to push through pain as this may cause injury. Breathe and move gently through each of the poses. They will bring you strength and determination as they heal your body and mind. They will assist in your daily activities by moving the life force through your body, bringing you confidence, mental, physical and emotional strength and a renewed energy on a daily basis.

I pray for you to be well.


Yoga is more than postures, it becomes a way of life.

True Nature

Yoga may assist you to connect to your true nature.

Fresh Mind

Yoga will assist in keeping you in the present moment.

Inner Peace

Yoga will light the way to your inner Peace.